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Other than a few plays as a kid, Jeff started acting in San Francisco in 2008 taking courses at Shelton Studios.  He instantly fell in love with the art of building and transforming characters through "living truthfully under imaginary circumstances" (a phrase originally coined by Sanford Meisner).  During his time in SF, Jeff studied many different acting philosophies including the teachings of Meisner, Stanislavsky, Adler, and Batson.  He performed in a number of commercials, web series', and films during his time in the SF Bay Area.  After much success in the SF market, Jeff packed up his bags and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting full time in the summer of 2012.  He immediately gained traction in the LA market and in the first year and a half performed in 4 feature films, produced and starred in his own web series, and also can be seen in a number of commercials and corporate videos. 

Jeff became interested in acting for film because of the way certain films affected him.  He came to realize that he wanted to be able to give those same feelings to others through the art of cinema.  He loves how acting gives him the opportunity to use his imagination and create transformative characters. Jeff is a hard working, passionate person, and he believes that everyone should go after what truly want in life.

In July, 2013, Jeff was contacted by Jorge Ameer and asked to audition for the role of Jack Peruci.  He was visiting family in San Francisco at the time, so the audition had to be handled over Skype.  Jorge saw something in Jeff that was his vision for the character of Jack Peruci, and so Jeff Allen was offered the role and the rest is history.

Jeff became interested in the role of Jack Peruci in Medusa instantly upon hearing the story and reading the script.  He is a huge fan of the Indiana Jones series and admirer of Harrison Ford, and he immediately saw comparisons between Jack and Indiana.  Being an academically minded person, Jeff had no difficulty relating to and embodying a professor like Jack Peruci.  


Upon reading the script, Jeff instantly felt a connection with the character of Jack.  Jack Peruci is a character who is smart, hard working, and very focussed on his career.  Jeff had an easy time relating to Jack because of his background in attending Stanford University and spending 7 years working in the business sector.  These experiences made it very easy for Jeff to grasp the laser focussed Jack Peruci. 

Jeff did a lot of mythology research to prepare for this film.  He learned about Medusa, Perseus, Danae, and many other greek mythology figures and stories.  By doing this and going through is regular acting preparation he was able to relate to and become the character of Dr. Jack Peruci.

Jeff had a lot of fun shooting Medusa saying the following about the production, "We got to travel outside of LA and spend 4 days shooting in a cabin and surrounding forest, which was really fun.  The crew and other cast were amazing to work with, and Jorge always keeps things interesting.  You never know what to expect when working on a Jorge Ameer film.  This keeps things fun and entertaining while on set."

Jeff's success in academia and in the business sector have helped him to overcome obstacles and hardships while pursuing a career in entertainment.  His years at Stanford and working in the business sector molded him into an extremely hard working and persistent problem solver.  Success in the entertainment industry requires hard work, persistence, and a lot of creativity.  These are all things that Jeff developed while spending 11 years of his life at a top university and working in business.

His web series Long Distance is being released on Valentine's Day (2/14/2014).  You can check out the series at:  www.LongDistanceWebSeries.com or follow it by liking the Facebook page.

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