Having had short lived aspirations as a soccer player, Michael Angels always had an interest in acting back in his hometown of Athens, Greece. After suffering an injury, Michael sought to pursue his acting objectives.

He studied theatre in London at Mountview Academy and later enrolled at the very prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. Upon departure from his studies, Mr. Angels returned to Athens where he booked several commercials. Not satisfying his thirst for cinema, Mr. Angels relocated to Los Angeles to pursue acting in film.

His range and dexterity as an actor is what caught Mr. Ameer's attention. He landed the role after a previosly booked actor was unable to continue with the roles obligations due to family matters. In the breakthrough role of D'Agostino, Mr. Angels plays a left for dead clone who's freight washed up upon the shores of Santorini. D'Agostino marks Mr. Angels screen debut.



When I read the script, I thought there could be more than one way of making it into a film. The way I saw the picture in my head, it could turn into a masterpiece. I missed my chance to audition for the film since I didnt see Jorge's reply on time. So, when I was told that D'agostino was already cast, I literally wished him bad luck. I hoped that something would go wrong. A few weeks later, I was informed that the previous actor had backed out. My chance was given to me, I audition nude for the film, which intrigued Jorge and he gave me the part.

Just two days before shooting, I had already read the script twice! Since I hadnt had lines to memorize, all my acting was initiated by my co-actor's choices. Add to that basic preparation, like 7 days of silence, sleeping on the streets of Santorini, then staying in a 2x4 closet for 2 days and basic survival food, hopefully this will be good! In contrary to my primary doubts, I now believe that if an actor wants to make it, he has to accept a challenging part and nail it!
Hopefully I did this.

Last but not least, I wanna thank my director Jorge, for the opportunity. My co-actor and star of the film, Keith, for being understanding all throughout the shooting. Amazing person and great actor.
Zach, who's gonna edit the movie and make it a masterpiece. -Michael Angels







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