Writer/director/Producer/Editor: Jorge Ameer

Genre: Documentary (120 minutes)



Richard Anderson, Ed Asner, Bruce Boxleitner, Oren Peli, Jake Busey, Stephen Collins, Loretta Divine, Robert Davi, Bruce Davison, Ken Davitian, Richard Grieco, Antonio Sabato Jr., Shirley Jones, Lloyd Kaufman, Perry King, Randal Kleiser, Dan Lauria, Bai Ling, Jason London, Jason Ritter, Michelle Phillips, John Savage, Charlene Tilton, Fred Willard, Fred Williamson, Noah Wyle, Leron Gubler, Mark Lester, Brad Rowe, Greg Laemmle, Kat Kramer, John Sittig, Levi Tinker,Marc Wannamaker (Historian/Author), Jorge Ameer, Courtney Burr, Lance Alspaugh, Pat Healy, Adam Green, Daena Smoller, Larry Montz, Jon Otthar, Gregory Paul Williams (historian)



An indepth look at the movie houses and their contribution to the legacy the world knows as Hollywood.


A documentary about preservation exposing the history of several iconic movie theatres in Hollywood, their contribution to the legacy of movies. In a progressive and rapidly changing world, stars share their thoughts about the impact technology is having on the motion picture industry and the way audiences experience cinema.



Classic Hollywood Cinemas is the story of the movie theatres that have been iconic to Hollywood.  From movie palaces to single screen theatres to multiplexes that somehow contributed to the promotion of an industry and an artform currently known today as Hollywood.  The results is an in depth documentary that offers historical views as well as celebrity commentary from old as well as the new Hollywood.  They share their experiences of how things used to be done and concerns as to the future of cinema.  It is important to note that the making of this documentary is about preservation and to share how things were so a new generation would be able to discover the struggles and successes of those who preceeded them and why these structures are of cultural importance to the world who consumes entertainment  produced  by Hollywood as a community and a creative venue that feeds the dream machine. 


It's a documentary to raise awareness of the venues that house one of the world's favorite forms of entertainment... movies.  It's a showcase for old Hollywood & its contributions to today's Hollywood.  I love Hollywood and all the good things it represents....movies, artistry, stars,community and above all else, entertainment.   As the capital of entertainment, Hollywood is thriving with an ongoing redevelopment movement.  

As progress may have it, technology is changing the way filmmakers make movies and the way audiences watch them.  It is no longer "business as usual" and we can't  ignore the fact that film, as a tangible medium for countless veteran stars & filmmakers who have grown to know love this medium, is now sadly fading due to an ever evolving digital technology with a strong presence capable of changing the traditional ways we experience cinema.   



I remember when I first arrived to Los Angeles and I walked through Hollywood Blvd.  I found myself reminiscing of the stars and artists who first walked the blvd and were given stars at the height of their careers. Walking pass the beautiful ornate theatres  and the world famous hollywood walk of fame, the inner artists in me felt inspired to create a project that would add to the preservation efforts.   Many of the theatres that were operational at the time when I arrived to Los Angeles are now either closed, demolished or have been converted into something different altogether... for the most part churches and nightclubs.   In these same historic movie theatres I watched some of the most unforgettable films.  It is hard not to leave these historic venues without feeling a sense of nostalgia.    


We all know progress is just a part of life.   However, we must not forget the many contributions the forefathers who migrated to Hollywood from different parts of the world created to entertain us.   What is now one of the biggest and most influential businesses in the world has become a global network of talent and moviemakers.  The motion picture industry has grown into a force on the vanguard of pageantry and magnificence hence shaping  all communities and cultures worldwide through the artists its represents.   By presenting their films in movie theatres worldwide, these artists have become international representative ambassadors to an industry based in the movie capital of the world - Los Angeles. Hence why celebrities are often referred to as Hollywood royalty .


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